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AWANA CLUBS @ Mountain Grace Church

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Sparks the firefly ignites the curiosity of early elementary age kids to learn about people and events of the Bible. It’s a building foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ. Sparks is for children entering Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Sparks study from handbooks called HangGlider, WingRunner, and Skystormer. If a clubber completes all three books they earn the Sparky Award Plaque.

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Truth and Training engages 3rd through 6th graders by teaching kids the truth of God’s word, trains them to follow Him, and practice His Grace. Handbooks are called Agents of Grace, Evidence of Grace, and Grace in Action. The clubber will have the opportunity to earn the Alpha, Excellence, Challenge, and Timothy awards as they continue to progress through each handbook.


Club Ages

AWANA is open to children from kindergarten through the sixth grade. The following is the age breakdown by club:
       ●    Sparks: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
       ●    Truth and Training: 3rd - 6th
In the case of home schooled or other special situations where a child is not in a particular grade, that child will be placed in the club that closest resembles their appropriate age group.

Meeting Times/Parent Sign In

AWANA begins promptly at 6:30 PM and ends promptly at 7:45 PM on Monday. Parents/Guardians and clubbers will check in. Parents must come inside to sign their children in/out.

Club Costs
NOTE: It is the desire of Mountain Grace Church AWANA Clubs that every child should be able to attend regardless of financial ability. We do not want the costs to be a hardship on any family or prevent a child from attending these club meetings. If this is the case, please let the AWANA Commander know and special arrangements will gladly be made. Scholarships will not be given out unless the parent makes the need known. Otherwise, payments for books and or uniforms must be paid prior to receiving them.
       ●    Dues: $15 per clubber or families with 3 or more children $10 per clubber
       ●    Handbooks: $10 each
       ●    Sparks Vest: $11 each (Grades Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)
       ●    T&T T-Shirt: $16 each (Grades 3rd - 6th)
AWANA uniforms are required for each clubber who completes his/her entrance booklet.

Handbooks must also be purchased at this time. Make checks payable to Mountain Grace AWANA. If you wish, you may pay for uniforms and handbooks at the the time of registration. That would allow your child to receive them as soon as he/she completes the entrance booklet. Allow about two weeks for delivery of uniforms. A clubber must be wearing their AWANA uniform to receive awards earned in the handbook.

Bible Memory Handbooks
Bible memory is the heart of the AWANA program. The handbooks are concise, colorful, and easy to understand. There are on average about 60 carefully chosen Bible verses in each handbook. In order to complete his/her handbook in the course of one year, a Sparks clubber will need to recite 2-3 sections per week to a leader. The T&T clubbers must be present for 30 lessons, a lesson per week with their leader, for completion of their handbook. Parents are strongly encouraged to help clubbers learn verses at home. This will help each child stay on a pace and foster the best usage of the handbook time at club. Once the entrance booklet is passed, a clubber is encouraged to work in their handbook. If a handbook is not completed in the club year, the clubber will continue in that book the following year until completed. The exception would be if the clubber moves into the next age bracket.

Handbook Standards
     1.    Only two helps per section will be given.
     2.    Only qualified leaders may sign handbooks.
     3.    Leaders will record clubbers’ handbook progress and the secretary will see that awards are given to the club              director. The awards will be handed out during the end of council time.
     4.    Clubbers must be wearing his/her AWANA uniform to receive awards.

AWANA Attendance Standards
Club attendance - Each quarter your clubber will be awarded an attendance award with a total of 4 awards per year. Only one unexcused absence is allowed per quarter in order to receive the attendance award. Excused absences include sickness, being out of town, or weather preventing your clubber to make AWANA. Parents/Guardians please notify Tricia Kelley, AWANA Commander, if your child will be absent.
Sunday School/Church attendance - 2 awards will be given out, 1 per semester. To receive this award, the clubber must attend Sunday School or Church with no more than three unexcused absences.

The 5 Count - The instant the Commander, Game Leader, or Club Director begins to count aloud to five (the Five Count), Clubbers should immediately get quiet and pay attention to the leader. On the game circle, he/she should stand quietly at attention. Clubbers must be ready to respond quickly when they hear the Five Count. Points may be taken away from a team where noise is being made so that others cannot hear. Quiet and attentive teams may be rewarded with additional points.

The 3 Count - Any individual clubber who receives three personal warnings by the Commander, Game Director, or Club Director in a given evening will be taken aside by the Commander. Parents will be called and asked to come and get the clubber. Warnings will be given for general misbehavior, disrupting during any portion of the evening or endangering another child. Clubbers will be informed of specific rules to follow and practice these rules so that the above action can be avoided.

General Club Rules
     ★    Respectful language is always expected before, during, and after club.
     ★    Care and respect should be shown for property.
     ★    Bullying, pushing, shoving, and roughhousing are not allowed.
     ★    Running is ONLY allowed during game time.
     ★    Leader supervision is required for clubbers at any AWANA function.
     ★    Please leave chewing gum, toys and other such items at home.
     ★    Keep your hands and feet to yourself during handbook and large group time.
     ★    When making the transition from games to handbook time or large group time, go directly to the 

            designated area.

AWANA Schedule - Monday

6:30 PM - 6:35 PM - Opening Ceremony / Announcements

6:35 PM - 6:55 PM - Game Time

6:55 PM - 7:15 PM - Sparks/T&T Handbook Time

7:15 PM - 7:30 PM - Sparks/T&T Council Time

7:30 PM - 7:45 PM - Recognition and Closing Prayer

REMINDER: BRING HANDBOOK, BIBLE, AND UNIFORM EACH WEEK! is a great resource to use to learn more about the Awana Clubs!

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